Tacori Fine Jewelry. Tacori Bracelets

By Andy Moquin

Tacori jewelry have now added bracelets to their stunning range of diamond jewelry. These bracelets combine both contemporary designs, fiery diamonds, engraving, and the famous Tacori settings to produce a stunning array of beautiful diamond bracelets.

Tacori bracelets are custom jewelry bracelets at their finest. Designs range from ultra-modern large link bracelets to finer and more delicate bracelets interspersed with beautifully set diamonds.

The Tacori 18K diamond bracelet is a beautiful example of hand crafting. This delicate looking bracelet has fine oval links that have been hand worked to give the appearance of milgrain, then alternated with a worked circular link that contains a diamond set in an engraved setting. This extremely elegant bracelet is timeless in its apparent simplicity. The hand working on the links adds to the overall beauty of the piece. This particular Tacori bracelet can be worn solo or accessorized with a watch. These bracelets are available with a varying number of diamonds in a range of sizes to accommodate varying budgets.

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The Tacori large link bracelet features pave set diamonds on each over sized circular link. This bracelet has 100 diamonds in total with a carat weight of 100 points, pave set in a crescent silhouette setting. The back of each link, and the smaller joining links have been beautifully carved to add to the overall beauty of the piece. This bracelet looks absolutely stunning in the white gold, but is also available in platinum for the ultimate in hard wearing luxury. For the woman who wants to customize her bracelet with other colored metals, 18K rose and yellow gold are also available. This large link pave set diamond bracelet combines contemporary diamond fashion jewelry with the craftsmanship one associates with Tacori handmade jewelry

The Tacori oval link pave set bracelet is a less chunky version of the above bracelet. This bracelet has 142 diamonds weighing in at 60 points set into much finer oval shaped links. This eternity style bracelet is also from the Crescent Silhouette Collection, and gives a much more delicate appearance. This custom made bracelet looks stunning in platinum or 18K white gold as a backdrop for the diamonds. However, it can be made up in yellow or rose gold to match your other jewelery if you desire.

Tacori have also included a diamond chain bracelet incorporating their signature style of the Floating Crescent. This bracelet has a necklace to match and almost appears to be a very fine and delicate charm bracelet. Very delicate worked links have subtle snowflake drops hanging from them. Each drop contains a diamond set beautifully amongst hand worked filigree gold or platinum. One longer dangling charm hangs from each bracelet.

Tacori bracelets are available in a wide range of styles to suit even the most discerning woman. Chunky contemporary through to unbelievably delicate, there is a handmade diamond bracelet for everyone and every occasion. Tacori bracelets are the perfect accompaniment to a Tacori ring. Alternatively, a handmade Tacori bracelet is a great place to start with your very own Tacori collection.

About the Author: Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry business buying and selling over $20,000,000 in diamonds, engagement rings and custom designed jewelry. He as traveled to Belgium and Israel to work with international diamond dealers and works as an advisor for DBC Diamonds an international consortium of diamond dealers. His experience in the jewelry business has become invaluable to consumers and business owners. He can be contacted at 1-888-296-4890 or to view current


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