Spa Scheduling Software Bringing Relaxation To Your Appointment Process

Spa Scheduling Software – Bringing Relaxation to Your Appointment Process


Connor Bringas

When people think of a spa visit, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a relaxing day spent in a sauna, getting a massage or manicure, or just unwinding near a pool or Jacuzzi. For spa operators and staff that rely on traditional methods of booking and recording spa appointments-such as by telephone and a paper appointment book-their days may not be as relaxing as their clients, especially if their appointment-scheduling procedures are tedious and inefficient.

That\’s why a growing number of spa operators from coast to coast are turning to online reservation software to help them automate and improve their appointment-scheduling processes.


Online spa scheduling software programs are what are commonly known as Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, whereby users access online services through a Web site or online portal. In layman\’s terms, these programs function just like online banking or checking e-mail. All that\’s required from the user is an Internet connection.

Pricing can vary among scheduling providers, but many programs are cost-effective and fit into any spa operating budget. Some providers, like Appointment-Plus, offer free trials of their product, which is a great way for a spa operator and staff members to get a feel for the software and determine if it will meet their specific scheduling requirements.

Once the spa operator creates an account, the spa operator typically has the ability to customize the scheduler to best fit his or her appointment needs. This includes settings-such as days and hours of operation, services offered, and adding staff members that customers can choose from for specific services-and tailoring the look and feel of scheduler, such as incorporating your spa colors and adding a logo or other images.

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Spas that use online reservation systems often experience both time and monetary savings. Since it can automate the entire scheduling process, it relieves staff of the burdensome task of managing appointments and client information. This frees them up for other responsibilities. It also reduces the number of errors and scheduling mistakes encountered at many spas that can affect an operation\’s bottom line.

Although functionality can vary among spa scheduling software providers, standard features found in many applications include:

Online customer self-scheduling. Customers with Internet access can view available days and times and book their appointments online and at their own convenience. This allows individuals to schedule appointments even during non-business hours and closed days.

Automated e-mail and text message reminders. Schedulers will automatically send these to scheduled customers prior to their appointments. Not only do customers appreciate receiving these, the reminders can also reduce the number of \”no-shows\” who don\’t make their appointments. In fact, survey results have shown they can decrease the number of no-shows by over 50 percent.

Online payment options. Many individuals prefer to pay for services when making a reservation or booking an appointment. Some applications provide spa operators with payment options they can incorporate into their schedulers.

Record-keeping and report-generating capabilities. Spas, like most businesses, must accurately track their appointments, customer information and transactions. Spa scheduling software generally stores these details securely in a centralized location, making it easy to gather. Additionally, some applications offer pre-set reports,

E-marketing opportunities. Many spas e-mail their customers to inform them of discounts, specials, events and other pertinent information. Online scheduling systems can make this important task easy, as spa operators can quickly access and pull a list of client e-mails. Additionally, they can incorporate a link or button in their newsletter that directs them right to their online scheduler.

Easy accessibility. Because they\’re Web-based, online scheduling programs are accessible from any Internet connection. Staff members stationed at different locations, desks and offices throughout the spa facility can easily view and manage appointments. And customers can book and manage their appointments from their laptops and mobile devices.


Spa operators will find numerous software providers when searching for scheduling applications. Although they may seem similar, they can be quite different, especially when it comes to functionality. It is, therefore, important to properly research scheduling software programs and their specific features before choosing.

Areas of consideration include:

Web-based software. If a spa operator determines that Web-based scheduling software is their best bet, make sure that the software is indeed Web-based. These Internet applications typically do not require any installation or downloads. They also do not require expensive hardware to properly utilize.

Security. Security is important, considering the flow of customer information into the online scheduler. Most SaaS businesses incorporate the latest security measures to ensure their customer\’s data is safe, as well as schedule regular back-ups. Inquiring on safety precautions can give spa operators the peace of mind that their customers\’ information will be safe.

Reliability. Since appointment-scheduling is such an important component of a spa\’s operating procedure, it\’s imperative that spa operators choose a program that will be dependable for its daily transactions. As mentioned above, some providers offer a free trial of the product. Take advantage of this to learn whether the scheduling software being considered is reliable and can handle the spa\’s scheduling needs.

Payment options. No business like long-term contracts. Spa operations are no exception. Luckily, some online providers offer their customers flexible payment options, such as month-to-month.

Incorporating an online scheduling application into a spa\’s operations can have a positive impact on the way both staff and clients book appointments. It\’s cost effective, generally easy to customize and use, and simplifies appointment-setting procedures. And it can help take your spa processes to the next level!

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