How To Give Rustic Coffee Tables An Interesting Makeover}

How to give Rustic Coffee Tables an Interesting Makeover


Nick P.A coffee table is a piece of furniture that completes your family room. It is also one that serves as a focal point or the center of attraction when chosen right. In addition to holding the many stuff that you have in the living space, the coffee table also enhances the look and feel of the room. Such tables of the rustic style are a popular pick in modern homes themed around rustic style. However not all rustic coffee tables need to be brown and tons of wood. They can be tweaked, and played around with a little bit, and given an interesting touch that draws attention from anyone who comes visiting. So, check out some ways in which you can make the rustic coffee table in your home look more captivating.

Think outside the rectangular table

The rectangle is one of the most commonly found shapes on the rustic coffee table. However, to give it an interesting twist, opt for a table with unusual surface shapes. For example, pick a table that is circular or oval in shape but made from wood. Another unusual idea is to choose a piece of the log itself rather than having it cut out into a desired shape. This adds to the originality and uniqueness of the rustic style of the coffee table. The top for such a table could be made out of transparent glass lest you have little brats at home. You could also pick a table top surface with your raw edges for added beauty.

Add hidden storage space

The table tops of coffee tables are often used to display decorative objects and those of interest. These could be flower vases and trays placed on top, or even books placed underneath. However you could add a few hidden drawers underneath the tabletop to serve as a much needed space for storing paraphernalia or objects that you commonly use in your living room. These compartments could be decorated with engraving, metal accents, or other features to give them an interesting twist.

Combine themes

A rustic coffee table sure looks beautiful as is, but it can look even better when combined with the different themes like industrial and vintage. Tables decorated with exposed metal and aged finishes bring about in industrial rustic crossover feel. Scroll work, engraving, and cut out details can lend a vintage touch to the homespun look of the rustic coffee table. Using vibrant colors and distressed finishes are yet other ways to give the thematic twist.

Use salvaged wood

Salvaged wood or reclaimed wood, as it is more popularly known, is one of the best choices of lumber for rustic coffee tables. When procured from sources like demolished buildings, old barns, floating logs etc. the wood displays a naturally aged character and beautiful surface textures that enhance the look and feel of the rustic coffee tables. Such wood also has an unsophisticated feel that blends in seamlessly with rustic and village-inspired interior themes. Salvaged wood is also an eco-friendly choice as it does not use felled trees, and instead, repurposes used wood. Thus, it cuts down on wood waste, and promotes the idea of recycling and upcycling, which are beneficial to the environment. Rustic coffee tables made from used wood also tend to have their own characteristic and unique charm, because no two pieces are alike.

Rustic coffee tables can quite be show stealers when chosen well. With a little creative and out of the box twist, these tables can create the wow factor in any living space.

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